NEFFEX - Soldier

| 2020/02/08


Lyrics: I spit raps like a heart attack fast fatal hard impact past painful scars infact I blast tasteful bars in packs I back up my actions fact don't ask grab reactions jacked attack with every word then act with class as they hear me snap I got nothing to lose cuz I fought and felt the bruise now I'm not the one confused call the shots and they produce I ain't lost I'm finally loose pick a noose over excuse I need the views to boost me to a new abuse of being used everybody wants a piece now y'all can rest in piece now your dead to me so peace out remember your discrete doubt get ready for defeat now I'm gon make you bleed out listen on repeat now and weed out all the weak now get up and make a change don't remember yesterday if you got something to say speak your mind before your grave cuz your life is yours to save ain't nobody gonna change everybody stays the same so be different make a name huh? and just like a soldier keep on moving forward always getting closer march until it's over it's ridiculous I'm spitting this meticulous and limitless while others out there spittin shit got hits up on the charts that sit I see why other artists quit cuz people don't reward good shit they love to hate but hate to live society you swing and miss and honestly I get it promise me you won't regret it wasting energy forget it don't look back go on get it bite the bullet just a bit bite your tounge and don't say shit make your actions hard to miss be a legend not a myth it's obnoxious that I'm conscious rappin honest as promised try to harness as an artist stay modest it's a long quest I will not quit till ten thousand people going off when I drop this I gotta make it now swear to god I'm breaking out swear to god I'll take a bow center stage with a crowd cuz I got it figured out I'm just honest and I'm loud staying modest but I'm proud no I never had doubt yea and just like a soldier keep on moving forward always getting closer march until it's over

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